The Arctic Mobile Mediatech is a proposal for the integration of indigenous arctic cultures, media technologies, and research. The Mediatech utilizes the latest technology and materials to provide a space for interaction and comfort in the harsh arctic conditions. While a number of sophisticated materials and systems are contained within the Mediatech, the strategy is simple: a compact and lightweight core containing all the systems is surrounded by an air supported envelope which encapsulates the interior space. With the use of CAD/CAM technologies, the unit can arrive as a kit of parts that is assembled by local correspondents. Mobility is provided by an air cushion under the unit.

During transport, the Mediatech becomes a hover-trailer, towed by locally available small all terrain vehicles (such as a snowmobile, tracked-quad, snow-cat, sled dogs, etc). The Mediatech's internal mobility system is kept simple, reduced to a 16hp air cushion fan and the air cushion itself. The Mediatech treads lightly across the fragile tundra, only placing 15kg of force per square meter during transport. Inside, 3 radiant heated media work stations serve research and interaction projects. The fully contained, efficient, and sustainable systems in the Mediatech make it a landmark of each location visited.

    • Location
    • Varies (w/in arctic regions)
    • Type
    • Competition
    • Status
    • Proposal
    • Size
    • 75 sq.m.
    • Credits
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)
    • Alan E. Ho (MOA)