Bering Straight Link and Peace Park

Our proposal for a Bering Strait Link consists of three primary elements: 36 floating pylons used for scientific research and as host space for international diplomatic discussion; a subterranean electric rail connection for the movement of goods and passengers; and a wind energy park spanning between the two Diomede Islands at the center of the Bering Straight. The wind park provides clean renewable power to run the subterranean electric rail connection as well as the small coastal communities of Wales, Tin City, York, Ratmanova, Naukan, and Tunytlino. The proposal exists in two formsstatic and performative. During winter months when the Bering Strait is filled with sea ice the 36 floating pylons remain anchored to permanent mooring connections, spaced 2 kilometers apart in a linear formation bridging across the Bering Strait. The 36 pylons are physically linked only by a tenuous cable car connection. During winter months researchers and diplomats use a small 6-person cable car to move from pylon to pylon. In spring, as the sea ice begins its retreat northward, the cable car is disconnected and all but one of the pylons (the pylon between the Diomede Islands) are released with the arrival of open waters. After release, travel between the pylons is accomplished by ferry operation based at the stationary Diomede pylon. In the act of breaking the Peace Park's tenuous physical connection across the Bering Strait, a process of greater global unification begins. The project enters a performative state. The research pylons move northward with prevailing currents (see ice flow sequences) forced against the seasonal retreat of the arctic sea ice. Integrated with the edges of sea ice, the group of 36 pylons trace a new geographic lineone that defines arctic ice retreat. In bringing form to this geographic condition each melting season, the project brings to bear the cataclysmic effects of climate change. With this performance the project becomes a rallying point around a problem that affects all nations.

    • Location
    • Diomede Islands, Bering Straight, USA-Russia
    • Type
    • Park, Scientific Research Station
    • Status
    • Proposal, unbuilt
    • Size
    • > 85 Linear Km
    • Credits
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)
    • Kiduck Kim (Studio Kiduck Kim)