Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Pavilion

The CRST Demonstration Pavilion project leverages the construction of a investigative structure towards the launch of a long term economic, community, and affordable housing development program. The pavilion will initially serve as auxiliary event and gathering space during the annual fall Pow Wow, inviting members of the tribe to use the yearly celebration as an opportunity to meet and address current and future housing needs. The pavilion will consist of a collection "test structures," showcasing sustainable building techniques such as straw bale and rammed earth, the construction of which will be used to train groups of workers from within the community. With each season, a new group of workers will be trained and the pavilion will grow to incorporate new gathering spaces. The structures are arranged to create an iconic, mountain-like form rising out of flat horizon of the Pow Wow grounds, providing a shaded area in the hot summer months, and a warm fireside shelter in the winter. Upon approach, the mountain form dissolves in to discreet objects, defining gathering spaces of many sizes suitable for storytelling, meetings, performances, parties, markets, play, exploration, and quiet repose.

    • Location
    • Eagle Butte, SD
    • Type
    • Public Pavilion Event Space, Education Space
    • Status
    • Proposal, Under Development
    • Size
    • 4000 sf
    • Credits
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)
    • Dan Spiegel (Spiegel Aihara Workshop)
    • Megumi Aihara (Spiegel Aihara Workshop)