Cloud Station

The Cloud Station was a submission for the Toronto Winter Stations Competition.  Winter Stations is an annual public art competition that challenges designers worldwide to reimagine Toronto's lifeguard stations as a basis for winter art.

The Cloud Station provides a phenomenological experience for Toronto beachgoers performing as a transformative mass that interacts with the winter environment—collecting snow, forming ice, catching light and expressing these conditions through changes in its density, presence, and experience.  Constructed of a highly transparent aluminum perforated sheet (80% open area) bent into simple triangulated columns and collected into a floating monolith.   In a thawed state, the multifaceted and layered transparency of the Cloud Station’s aluminum veil forms an ephemeral mass that highlights the lifeguard’s chair as a curated object in the landscape.  In a frozen state, snowfall and ice accumulations collect in varied degrees influenced by wind and the layered mesh—the Cloud Station builds translucency and opacity.  As darkness falls, the Cloud Station’s thin cap becomes a subtle glowing plane, drawing passersby down onto the beach.  The Cloud Station can be responsibly recycled after exhibition.

    • Location
    • Toronto, Ontario, CA
    • Type
    • Competition — Toronto Winter Stations Competition
    • Status
    • Proposal
    • Size
    • 4 sq.m.
    • Credits
    • Alan E. Ho (MOA)
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)