prAna Headquarters

As prAna began to expand, so did it's need for a larger workspace that reflected its culture and brand. prAna's budget for its new headquarters was lean, requiring an innovative approach to create a unique space that was in sync with the company's core sustainability values. A serendipitous connection was found, when MOA learned of the demolition of wooden shade house structures at a palm farm in Oxnard, CA. The wood structures consisted of primarily 40-year old weathered douglas fir 2x4s that held little value in the salvage market and was considered junk wood. MOA saw an opportunity to use this raw material in sophisticated ways and allow this single material to create the identity for the space. prAna secured the material before it made its way to the landfill and over 35,000 board feet of salvaged 2x4s were saved to create the primary design elements of the prAna Headquarters space. The wood was used as finish work throughout the project in cladding, screen-walls, trim panels, doors, furniture, and casework.

The design for prAna Headquarters reflects its culture not only through the use of recycled material, but through a variety of flexible work spaces that are evenly distributed throughout the building. This flexibly is a key element in prAna's own business model and provides prAna with easy impromptu collaborations. These flexible and undedicated spaces are scaled at different sizes and provide varying degrees of enclosure to accommodate differing group sizes and work settings. Each space is outfitted with active work surfaces (full whiteboard walls, magnetic surfaces, cork, and projection surfaces) to allow ideas and visual content to flow easily. This allows for individual workstation areas to be compact and efficient. The open and flexible space strategy allows for more function in less space.

    • Location
    • Carlsbad, CA
    • Type
    • Office
    • Status
    • Completed 2012
    • Size
    • 25,000 sf (office), 55,000 sf (warehouse)
    • Credits
    • Alan E. Ho (MOA)
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)