Space Ship One Marketing Pavilion

The Compression / Expansion Box was prepared as a proposal for a series of marketing pavilions for the Space Ship One project for privatized space space flight. The experience, intended to be priced at a quarter-million US dollars per person, is one that is aimed at the wealthiest adventurers. The core of our proposal was based on replicating experience and multiple realities with the conceptual use of parametric software tools. Creating relational distortions in the form of each marketing pavilion. A requirement of the project was that each pavilion could be shipped worldwide via shipping container. Our proposal was to create a pavilion that shipped whole with the standard dimensions and properties of a shipping container. The box consists of a two-way path leading past media surfaces and ultimately terminating in a media space at the box's end. The proposal is intended to exist in multiple realities or formseach new box created can utilize different artifacts and relative position and as a result generate unique forms and experience for each Compression / Expansion Box that is created. Through a single parametric digital model the artifacts and their position relative to the box create unique form with a consistent form making DNA that creates a set of marketing pavilions that bring form to multiple realities of the intended experience.

    • Location
    • Mobile, Base of Operations Mojave, CA
    • Type
    • Marketing Pavilion
    • Status
    • Proposal, unbuilt
    • Size
    • 320 sf
    • Credits
    • Dustin Stephens (MOA)
    • Chris Campbell