The Refuge

The Refuge is a proposal for a new landmark hotel and casino for Hilton Hotels. The program consists of a hotel tower and a casino base. The 750-key hotel tower is uniquely shaped to optimize the panoramic and idyllic views of the Atlantic Ocean by having a growing floor plate as the building increases in height. At the top of the hotel is a nightclub and restaurant that affords 360ยบ views out. The base contains several immersive environments and amenities that tie back to the natural landscape, including: an upside down fountain that rains into a reflecting pool at the port-cochere, a check-in aquarium, a 365 day roof top beach/pool/spa, a bamboo forest day lounge, a beachfront night club, and a two-acre private roof top park that includes trails, a barren pine tree forest and extensive views to the ocean. To distinguish itself from the neighboring structures and to add a natural element to the urban landscape, the base is clad in a living screen comprised of local and seasonal plantings. (All design rights are owned by Perkins+Will, P+W. Principal in charge: Anthony Fieldman, Lead Designer: Alan E. Ho)

    • Location
    • Atlantic City, NJ
    • Type
    • Hospitality / Amenities / Casino
    • Status
    • Proposal, completed 2007
    • Size
    • 1,000,000 sf
    • Credits
    • Alan E. Ho (for P+W)
    • Anthony Fieldman (P+W)
    • Scott Kirkham (P+W)
    • Mark El Khouri (P+W)
    • Alberto Garcia (P+W)
    • copyright Perkins+Will