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MOA’s Dustin Stephens reviews final student projects for the UCLA Frank Gehry/Gehry Technologies POWER PACK studio.

The final review panel included Thom Mayne (Morphosis), Craig Webb (Gehry Technologies), Dennis Shelden (Gehry Technologies), Andrew Witt (Harvard Graduate School of Design), Steven Christensen (UCLA), Jason Lee (Pratt), and MOA’s Dustin Stephens.  Dustin had been invited as a critic four times over the course of the year-long Gehry studio, including a mid-year review panel with Frank Gehry and Greg Lynn.  The studio focused on imagining the future of sustainable housing by speculating on its connection with new and speculative technologies.  The UCLA Suprastudio is a program pairing post-professional students in year-long research based studios under the guidance of heavy hitting architects.  This year’s three Suprastudio programs were led by Gehry Partners / Gehry Technologies, Greg Lynn, and Thom Mayne.

The Gehry Studio teaching team included Kiduck Kim, Craig Webb, Dennis Shelden, and Frank Gehry.

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