Guest House 01.jpg



Location: Bar Harbor, ME

Residential: 2,500 SF

Awards & Publications: The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes; Hannah Jenkins / Architecture Today: Houses; Manel Gutierrez / Dwell; Oct 2015

Credits: Alan E. Ho, Project Manager (while on staff at SPAN Architecture) / Peter Pelsinski, Principal (SPAN Architecture) / Karen Stonely, Principal (SPAN Architecture) / Aaron Zalneraitis (SPAN Architecture) / Brian D. Shaw Contractors, General Contractor / Albert Putnam Engineers, Structural Engineer / Adrian Gaut, Photography

Situated on a historic 200 acre waterfront property, the Maine Guest House was conceived as a modern day carriage house. The Guest House is the first of a series of structures to occupy the site and is situated overlooking the entrance drive, historic garden and Tea House. The program is a modest two bedroom apartment over a three car garage and work space. The base reflects the vernacular architecture and landscape on site through the use of local granite and cedar board and batten siding. The apartment level is a more contemporary take on the local architecture and is finished in glass, dark stained cedar shiplap siding and steel. The house consists of intricate wood details combined w/ steel to reflect the local craft and rich building traditions in Maine.

Copyright SPAN Architecture, all design rights are credited to SPAN Architecture.